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AD19 Interactive differential pair tool
« on: August 06, 2019, 08:30:34 am »

I am currently working on a PCB that has USB ports and I decided to use AD19 since it handles differential pair rules better using the impedance profiles. The problem I have is that the route tool is utterly crap compared to the already bad one from AD17. (as you may know from my previous topics on the length matching tool and its limitations).
What settings would I have to change so that it will start behaving normal and more logically like in AD17?

Check the attachments below:
Instead of connecting to the existing traces OR making a new trace to fit the connection, it just goes straight to the pad.
Setting routing gloss effort to weak or strong has no impact. When I turn it off, it's so bad, it's a better idea to manually route each trace...

Why does it want to go on an angle so badly? Did I move my mouse to the left? NO!
Also, why doesn't it leave the pad in the center and then converge like in AD17 (I manually did that to the pads visible in the bottom).
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