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Alternate parts parameters
« on: November 09, 2018, 11:14:32 am »
I have a design in Altium 18, with multiple variants: 2 are "effective" variants, a third one was the "default" one ("[No variations]").

There is a component that is present in all variants, however it has alternate parts: an inductor with 2 different values, same package, same everything. Both components are from the Vault.

I initially placed one of the 2 values in the design, before creating the variants.
After creating the variants, in one of the variant the component is "Fitted" (which means no variation), in the other variant it is "Alternate Part". I choose the alternate part from the Vault in the following window that popped up.

However I cannot seem to find a way to edit the component parameter of this new part I choose as an alternate.
If I click on the part on the schematic (both on the "normal view" or the "compiled view"), with either of the 2 variants active, it still shows the parameters for the first part I placed, not the "alternative" part.

In the Variant Management window, the parameters in the "Component Parameters" tab in the bottom of the window are not editable, no matter what combination of clicking, right-clicking, copy&paste, etc... I use.

A solution that should work would be to clone the parts from the Vault into a local library and edit the component parameters in the library, then use an alternate part from the library instead of from the Vault. But I would prefer not to.

Anyone can shed some light?

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