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Altium Copy Room Formats Does Nothing

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Never had this problem before.  I have components placed in a room, do the copy room formats, select source room, select destination room, get the "confirm channel copy format" dialogue, which shows all the channels correctly, have all the appropriate boxes checked, such as copy component placement, and then I click Okay.  I get "Updated 0 components in 7 rooms".  Single placed room remains the only formatted room, none of the other rooms update.

What happened?  I've tried different options in the check boxes.  I have always just used this dialogue successfully, not sure why it is not working this time.

Any help appreciated.


Check Component Links..?

Paranoia: try turning it off and back on (i.e. restart Altium)?  Reduce it to a simple example that either works or does not? :-//


restarting Altium did not change anything
component links look fine to me

I made a new project with just 2 rooms in it (with some 5 components each).  Same behavior.

The only other interesting thing is that unless I set the project options specifically to hierarchical, the room repeats are not recognized.  "Auto select (based on project contents)" does not work to import the repeat into the PCB.

Channel offsets of components between rooms have to match... see attached jpg

I had the same problem and it turned out that the solution for me was to enble the rooms under Design -> Rules...

In the new dialogue go to Design Rules -> Placement -> Room Definitions and check the enable boxes for your rooms.


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