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I emailed Altium regarding my renewal( in the UK ) and the person I have been emailing with up until last Friday is now no contactable via email. They bounce back. So I emailed the contact who originally sold me the package last year. That email bounced back. I tried the website tech support. All their staff are away right now but they will get back to me. I shall try to call someone tomorrow but its very strange. Is anyone else getting this?


Try www.orcad.com   They are fully staffed and would love to work with you

I emailed my account bloke on Sunday evening (hey, they gotta work for their money) and had no reply yet. But it's been only a day and, perhaps more importantly, I've not had a bounce.

I managed to get through to the office today with a phone call but waiting on a call back.

OK, just had a reply to my email, so they are definitely there awaiting deposit of funds :)


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