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--- Quote ---those windows just disappeared
--- End quote ---

When do they disappear? When you drag onto the second screen, or when you drop them on the second screen, or something else?

FWIW, I have a two monitor setup and I can drag a panel (in this case 'snippets' because I don't want to screw with my panel settings!) onto the second monitor and it sits there just fine. But this is W7 and maybe W10 makes a difference.

When I drag them to the 2nd screen and drop there.

It does not happen in my dual screen desktop and the dragged windows sits there in the 2nd screen just fine.

I would guess it's a driver issue, then. That funky screen swapping isn't a standard Windows feature AFAIK, and perhaps Altium has triggered an edge case. Got a similar problem with ODBC drivers which work perfectly well except for one (fortunately non-critical) instance where the data is read.. differently.

Ya..I think so.... from the behavior, seems like the 2nd screen is just an ultra wide USB monitor panel fitted on the top. and all those Asus drivers for adding those extra features creating the problem here. I will try to see uninstalling the driver and just go with the default windows driver. Guessing it will behave just like dual monitor setup then ...


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