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Altium & integrated graphics (CPU+built in GPU)?

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If you use this software professionally, get a laptop with external graphics. The issues are not only graphical, but it can generate wrong documentation. For example, I had a Draftsman drawing where the assembly outlines were generated wrong. These are projections of the actual 3D of the PCB, and if that get messed up, then you might end up with wrong files.
Some graphics driver update fixed the issue.

A dedicated graphics card is cheap compared to the license fee of the software, so get one.


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For a desktop PC running AD isn't so much of an concern since one can always add a PCIE GPU if needed, but I'm wondering if a general mid-range modern productivity laptop without an option for a NVIDIA GPU card is suited for even modest use of AD21 when mobile or whether one basically has to choose a
"workstation" CAD laptop with NVIDIA GPU just to do anything much at all with AD2x?

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I used to run AD (up to v.21)  in VMWare Fusion on Mac book pro for a minimalistic work (add a new component, amend a bit of schematics, review layouts etc) while travel.

It's really depends what you will doing. If just occasional work and as alternative something is better than nothing - it's okay.
If I would use a laptop as the professional tool on regular assignments, better spend $$$ on a proper CAD laptop and move on. You cannot recoup time lost due to poor productivity.

Have a look new budget RTX A2000 GPU laptop option, doesn't cost up a lot.

Go on ebay , find a used Zbook17 with a Quadro board in it. you can find those machines for 500 to 700$. stick in an SSD ( if it doesn't have one) and load it with 32 Gb of ram.

I am doing my day to day work on a 7 year old Zbook 17 (2nd gen) with a K4100 hooked to three 4k displays. win10 enterprise edition and intel discrete graphics turned off.
I run Altium 22 since this morning. (well, nexus 5 , the enterprise variant of altium designer )
I leave my altium session open 24/7. My last altium start was when i did the previous service pack install. I actively use the software 8 to 9 hours a day. I can't even remember the last time it crashed.

Truth to be told. the only programs i run on that machine are Google Chrome , Outlook for email word excel and powerpoint, Altium and Solidworks 2021. I rarely use other programs. (notepad++ , autohotkey and a few other utilities like zofz and saturn pcb toolkit ). no compilers ,debuggers or other heavy loads.


--- Quote from: free_electron on January 20, 2022, 01:11:44 am ---...to three 4k displays....

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This! I love my 4k monitors. Made a huge difference in how I work. Altium on a 4k monitor is a joy to use.

My work computer is some kind of Intel integrated graphics, and Altium runs absolutely fine on it. I think that 3D gaming has pushed GPUs so far that CAD is now a laughably trivial task for even the puniest GPUs.


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