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Altium & integrated graphics (CPU+built in GPU)?

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Yeah most CAD does not need a good GPU anymore as pretty much any modern GPU is fast enough these days.

The exceptions might be if you are using 3D CAD and are working with massive models, but at some point having too many parts in an assembly tends tend to slow down a lot of CAD tools due to CPU load, as a lot of part manipulation is done in there (often also single threaded) while the GPU is just rendering the final model to the screen. More of an excuse for a powerful GPU is if you do a lot of raytrace renders and the CAD tool you use has support for GPU acceleration.

In fact the integrated graphics has gotten so fast that it can even run slightly older games at perfectly usable performance. They also now have support for other GPU acceleration features like compute shaders or video encode/decode

The K4100 free_electron mentions is not some kind of high-end gaming GPU. Quite the opposite: it is a GPU intended for CAD workstations.


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