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I have an older copy of Altium (2014 I think) and have only some basic components.

Is there a way to obtain full libraries of various components without being a registered user? At the moment I'm looking for a 44 pin PLCC, but I'm sure they'll be many more I'll need.

Creating your own is pretty easy, and you'll want to carefully verify any you download anyway.
Having said that, the Celestial Altium Library is great - https://altiumlibrary.com/

just like the above mention once you have the complete spec sheets library is done in less than 10 minutes with those simple footprints but not with those QFN's where in you need to calculate of distance & have irregular pad size & distance  |O

or you could also use PCBlibraries Footprint Expert

Doesn't your license come with the built in footprint wizard?
The IPC compliant wizard and the non-IPC one should have PLCC in it.
Then it's just a question of verifying it against the datasheet of your part.
If Altium 14 does not generate the .step 3d model for the PLCC case, you might be able to find something suitable on grabcad or 3dcontentcentral.

I use SnapEDA (I think it was just renamed to snap magic or something similarly ridiculous) and UltraLibrarian to get footprints, as well as the Manufacturer Part Search within Altium (you can download the footprint locally).

If I have to create a footprint, or a downloaded one that has a poor 3D model, I will download it from the IC manufacturer (they almost always have a 3D model), and otherwise, KiCad comes with a fantastic library of 3D models. I use those a lot.


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