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Altium polygon pour weirdness

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I'm designing a board in Altium which uses a 0.5mm QFP part. I have a ground pour on the top layer but the polygon connects for the pads on this chip end up pretty weird:

I can see what's happening here. It cuts off the "horn" which is desirable but the polygon connect "track" doesn't hit the polygon the right way. Does anyone know a way around this?

Easiest way is to route out a short track to meet the polygon.

Yes, use deliberate tracks, and ensure the polygon will seamlessly pour over these tracks.
There is an option name for this but it eludes me right now.

That is a known issue with the polygon pour, as yet not fixed.
Yes, the workaround is to lay a track.


I'm really surprised they did not fix this in the new 10.0 version that just came out to the public 2 weeks ago. They certainly did improve the polygon manager in the newest version--along with many other things. I would certainly prefer proper performance of exiting functions over new functionality.  :)


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