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Altium previous and next document shortcut not working

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(reposted here - originally posted in the wrong forum)

according to Altium's documentation to "Step forward to the next document in the sequence of documents that have been made active in the main design window" the shortcut is Alt+Right Arrow and for the previous one is Alt+Left Arrow. See here: https://www.altium.com/documentation/altium-designer/shortcut-keys

But they don't seem to work AND I cannot find where I can set it up as shortcut. Any idea?

Just to be clear I am not looking for the "Cycle forward to the next open tabbed document" which is Ctrl+Tab and that does work. That often switches to a library or other files I currently have open. I just want to quickly move back and forth between two or three documents I am curently working on (i.e. between a couple of SCH sheets and a PCB sheet during placement.

- how do you setup a custom function for two extra mouse buttons you often have on various mice?
- how do you change the wheel direction?

Any suggestion?

Thank you :)

I had a look at this and then figured I hadn't a clue what it was meant to do in the first place. What is " the sequence of documents that have been made active in the main design window"?

Thank you dunkemhigh! :)

--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on June 02, 2022, 04:41:18 pm ---What is " the sequence of documents that have been made active in the main design window"?

--- End quote ---

For example:
I made active (i.e. edited or at least opened in the main window to look at, whether I edited it or not) the following documents in the following order:
schematic A
then PCB 1
then schematic B
then schematic C.

So I am now on schematic C...
I then want - with a shortcut - backtrack (i.e. move backward) within that same sequence of documents I made active (edited or at least looked at).
So because I am on schmatic C, by pressing a shortcut Altium should make active Schematic B then if pressed again go to PCB 1 and then schematic A.
And another shortcut pressed at any point then would do the same in the forward direction.

There used to be a green arrow on the top left of Altium that would do that. If I remember well the pop-up tip of that icon was just saying "Back".
But it is not there anymore...

Thank you :)

ctrl-tab (next)and ctrl-shift-tab (previous)

hint : double clicking next to the tabs goes into full-screen mode. (alt-F5)

ctrl-tab cycles through all tabs though, even a non-project dblib (for instance), and apparently that's not the behaviour he is after.

The only alt-left/right action I could discover (doing anything) was navigating the project tree. I think Altium must've had a left hand/right hand problem with this.


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