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I've just been on the renewal treadmill for our 5 licenses.

Here's something new
Quote, 'it will not be possible to Reactivate lapsed subscriptions from January 2023'
Sounds like a veiled threat.
Prices are now AUD15k for perm licence, $2200/annum subs.
I remember when it used to AUD5k!

They want GBP 2k + VAT now for continuing our subscription, 21% more than last year! Only paid about 4k+VAT for the perpetual license (inc. the first year of subs) in the first place ~2 years ago. AUD2200 is an absolute bargain compared to that! (Is that discounted for number of seats?)

Time to seriously think about whether updates are worth the money, even given the whole no-reactivation thing (and a new perpetual license being 10k!).


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