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Please may i open this for all Altium problems? (save creating new post each time).

I am not able to put a component from a certain library in to  my schem......i cant detect this library even though its there. It is in fact the original lib from which the schem was first created.
Strangely , i made my own schlib and it can see that.
How do i make it see this other sch lib?

Have you tried the manual?


Is the location of the schematic library within the project search path?


Thanks, that was really helpful.

Locating centrum of a dpak footprint....
Ive now just copied a DPAK footprint into my own library...but its centrum is not marked, so i cant drop it on the centrum in the footprint editor.
Do you know the best way to find the centrum for a DPAK?....in Eagle i just draw construction lines and where they cross is the centrum...is that the right way to do it in Altium?.....as you know, the centrum must be known, and marked,  as its needed for the pick n place coordinates.

Noddy version of Altium
Are there any youtube vids or docs, which give "altium for contractors"...ie people who just need to get a small board done and dont have the time to get into the myriadical depths of Altium?
Altium could do with a cut down  "noddy" version...so contractors can just do something quickly, in the initial period when they dont have time to delve into the depths of PCB layout jargiography.
Or is there a "noddy altium" video , which shows you just how to do the basics, manually, in Altium?
Like an EAGLE  version of Altium......Eagle is learnable within a day.

Copy and paste in footprint editor
Hi, I am doing right click copy paste, and CTRL C, CTRL V, but they dont always work.......i am trying to copy a line and move it 2.8mm to the left......the copy and paste only seems to work if you paste right over the top of the line that you just copied, is this correct?


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