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I would like to try the Altium.  The price for the Altium software is out of my reach, too high.  Altium is an Australian product and very good for printed circuit board design.  I have learned how to do it the old way with Mylar film and sticky tape on to mask and use copper plated boards and etch the copper and use a small drill mounted like a drill press and drill my own holes carefully.  I do not known of an easier way.  I do not plan on mass producing what I made, maybe not more than one to twenty at most, if friends wants to buy my cook book instructed 555 oscillator or 3 functions pocket signal generator.  From my other studies at the university, that I always have my own nice Nikon and Zeiss microscopes to check the self etched boards.  The dissolved copper goes into a container and hauled to a recycling agency. 




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My thoughts exactly. ::)

I'd like to try the new Ferrari, but the price is just too high ...

Do you actually have a question in there?

Yes, Altium's price is high-ish, and it is insane that they do not offer a lower cost entry level version. I argued so often for that, that I have almost given up.
But it actually represents fairly good value for the market they target.



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