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Annoying problem with panels

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I have developed an annoying problem with Altium at the moment which is hopefully as simple as clicking one button to change it.

When I open a new panel, properties, sch library, components etc, they open up merged together and I have to close them and only open one at a time.

How do I get it back to where I have a list of panels that can be opened with a single click?

Worked it out! (I think) It was to do with how the panels were docked, I dragged each panel out and back to the side on its own and now they seem to be working as intended.

Drag the title bar of the panel around the screen, you'll see hotspots where it can be dropped (or avoid them for free floating). :)

Also if you want it to stay unrolled, hit the "pin" button on the top right corner.


Yeh, the new layout paradigm does take some getting used to.
Sometimes I still miss AD15 that I used for years and liked it, with its pop-up dialogs. RIP!

Once I get the panels how I like them I save the setup so it can be reloaded if they get messed up again. And, of course, once you start doing that you can have different setups depending on what you're doing (browsing vs designing, for instance).


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