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Anyone tried Altium with the Intel Arc A770 GPU?


Has anyone tried the latest Intel Arc GPUs (A770 or A750) with Altium Designer?
Altium's recommended system requirements only recommends DX10 support or better.
I do have some fairly large projects (think 10" x 10" PCB with couple thousand components) and want it to smoothly. But I was more wondering if there were any bugs or quirks when running the arc gpus with Altium.

If you want it to run smoothly, whats the issue with just getting an older nvidia GPU? Its not like you need the latest most powerful GPU.
I'm sure a 1070, 2060+ or similar would be fine.

The only justification is if you want to have the machine as dual use for gaming and CAD.

Even a 1060 works fine and is already overkill for Altium.
Even a much less powerful GPU would work.

As to the new Intel Arc GPUs, while interesting, at this point feedback shows that drivers are still very buggy with a lot of limitations, so I'd suggest staying away, at least until this all gets more stable.


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