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board cutout region and solder polygon pour clearance isn't working ?


Hello all,

I have a top and bottom solder polygon pour (in purple) with a board cutout region inside it (the board cutout region has been made by converting some primitives into a board cutout).
I have tried all possible clearance rules related to polygons, regions, and board outline (as seen in the attached images) but couldn't remove the solder on the cutout edges (3d view image).

the solder polygon pour clearance rules work fine with board edges but not cutouts!

Any solution, please?


Nevermind solved it..
you gotta go to rules - electrical - clearances, and set region to poly clearance to 0.

You might want to make that a more specific rule (compare object `IsBoardCutoutRegion' versus `IsPoly AND OnSolderMask'), so it doesn't affect copper too.

If nothing else, you can always remove soldermask by placing a trace/fill/region/etc. on the solder layer.



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