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Can Altium designer save symbols and footprints in it's projects

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The project files store everything. unlike other cad tools ( hello orcrap ! ) that require access to the library.

The reason behind it is simple : version control. you can open a 20 year old design and be guaranteed to still have all data. you can run a check to see if anything has gone outdated but it will not "break" the design.

I mean, sorta? Open a project you don’t have libraries for and try to update the PCB and suddenly it’s “footprint not found” all over the place.

I have since figured out that one should be able to export the footprints from the PCB file into a new library (correct me if I’m wrong) and then use that “new” library to update the PCB.

I'd use kicad anyway if 6 really can do it. It's just a case of are all the required bits of information there.


--- Quote from: Simon on October 02, 2021, 05:43:21 pm ---Can Altium designer save symbols and footprints in it's projects for portability?

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Yes and no. The symbols and footprints are stored within the files themselves. However, a sane designer will use a component database which has all the metadata (like manufacturer, order number, supplier order number, etc). That information may not end up in the project file (or could be outdated). So besides the project files you will also want to have a bill of materials that is generated using the information from the database. Or better: the component database itself but that is usually not something that gets handed over that easely.


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