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Can Altium designer save symbols and footprints in it's projects

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--- Quote from: Simon on October 02, 2021, 05:43:21 pm ---Can Altium designer save symbols and footprints in it's projects for portability?

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Yes and no. The symbols and footprints are stored within the files themselves. However, a sane designer will use a component database which has all the metadata (like manufacturer, order number, supplier order number, etc). That information may not end up in the project file (or could be outdated). So besides the project files you will also want to have a bill of materials that is generated using the information from the database. Or better: the component database itself but that is usually not something that gets handed over that easely.

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I already have the manufacturing data, the issues would be the lack of design data that has been paid for. I just want to make sure that the excuse of libraries, is just that!

Google for  'Altium create integrated library'
It is a bit cumbersome process in itself. There are tutorials how to do it. You can create both schematic and footprint integrated libraries specific to the project.

I just don't want the project to fall apart when I open it in CS or KiCad to make mods.

Not sure if Kicad can read Altium's integrated libraries  :-//


--- Quote from: Simon on January 20, 2022, 09:31:52 pm ---I just don't want the project to fall apart when I open it in CS or KiCad to make mods.

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Typically you'll need to have the Altium files written (exported) in ASCII format in order to import them in other programs. But even then importing projects from one PCB package to another is not something I would recommend. It is very likely that the definition of how elements are built are incompatible. So you end up with something that looks the same but isn't. Take a pad surrounded by a polygon (copper pour) for example. In CAD package A the clearance around the pad could be defined by the clearance in the polygon definition where in package B the clearance could be defined by the thermal relief setting of the pad. To make matters worse: these can also depend on a global setting of the design which may not exist when going from one CAD package to the other. This is next to impossible to translate automatically. And then there are things like constraints for trace widths, distances, matched impedances, trace lengths, differential pair phase matching, etc.

IOW: if you have a design in Altium, then edit it with Altium. Getting a converted design cleaned up properly is likely almost as much work as re-doing it from scratch.


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