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Can I copy multiple symbols at once?


Stupid Bear:
I there a way to copy a schematic symbol or footprint to multiple parts at once, for example I have 20 different resistors and they all have the same symbol? Do I really have to go one by one of is there some feature of Altium I don't know about?

Use a dblib.  Do a search on this forum and you'll find a few threads about them.  Basic idea is to have generic footprints and schematic symbols stored separately, and then define each component as a row in a database (can be an Access database or even just an Excel file) that references the correct schematic symbol and pcb footprint and defines whatever other component parameters you need--including references to specific manufacturer part numbers, datasheet links, and whatever else you want.  Creating a new component that uses existing symbols is as simple as adding a new row to the database.

Are you asking how to do it when drawing a schematic or when creating a library?
On the schematic sheet click on the schematic symbol you want to duplicate and press Ctrl-D as many times you need. This will create copies of the symbol and place them next to the source, then you drag them one by one where you need it to be, and edit its parameters as required.
Footprints are attached to schematic symbols in Altium, so this also will duplicate the footprint.
If you want to create multiple components in a library, launch the library editor, create or open existing symbol library, make one component/footprint and copy/paste it within the library or between libraries, then rename each copy and edit parameters as required.

Stupid Bear:
So I create components from market search and copy all the fields from digikey or mouser. So now I have dozens of components in my library but no schematic symbol or footprint. Many are gonna be the same like resistors or caps all having 0805 size and there are about 20-30 different ones. I've been going one by one adding these to each part. Is there any way to add the same symbol and footprint to all 20 at once with out too much pain. It feel like there should be a way since I can't be the first to find this unnecessarily laborious.

Maybe do it in reverse instead.  Copy and paste a few dozen symbols, then go into Tools/Parameter Manager to set the fields.  Also a good place to set the names, probably compose them first in a spreadsheet then paste in.

DbLib is the better way.



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