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Can I set Altium to export all the production files I need at once?

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Usually when I export production files I export

- Gerbers
- NC drill files
- Pick and place

Can I set altium to export all these at once? Even if I have to write some code to do it im prepared to spend a bit of energy to streamline this, it annoys me doing exporting all the files, closing the preview windows they open up!

Yes, no code needed, you create what's known as an outjob. It's part of your project
The outjob has a few categories and each can have many items added to it.
Then you just have to generate that category and all items linked to it are created at once.


Brilliant! thankyou!

Note that you can also have multiple outjob files in a project. This can come in handy if you need data in multiple formats, say one for production and one for documentation.

For example:

Panel gerbers+drill, ODB++, pdf component placement layers, manufacturing BOM, P&P, assembly drawings

Single board gerbers+drill and OBD++, single board PDF layers, 3D pdf, documentation BOM (different from manufacturing BOM), schematics, PCB step files

I'm sure I missed stuff, but you get the idea. You can also set up output directory structures using variable names, though there are limits to this and the documentation is rather poor. If it's your first go at it, be prepared to spend some time to get it right.


You can also add an outjob to your PCB project template, so your standard outjob file gets included automatically.  Or you can store a single outjob file (or multiple outjob file variants) outside the project, and link them into the project externally, so that you only have to update one outjob if your output needs change.  Of course that requires that the outjob be project-agnostic, so you have to plan for that in how you set up the outputs, project parameters, variants, etc.


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