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Choosing footprint from library.

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I have a problem with adding items from my own library for which I defined many footprints. On the schematic always lands with a default value, unless I select the Place but it is too much clicking. If you add the built-in library, this problem does not occur I can grab a footprint that interests me and this will be set on the schematic.

Do you know any solution? Something had to switch in my library?

I think that the movie clearly shows all


Weird, don't see that problem in AD9.3. Is this AD10?

All I can think is create a new library project, copy a part over, compile/install and see if it persists.

this is AD9

Did you specify the correct footprint in your schematic library?

yes, you can see that when click place it works, only grabing from my libraries does not work grabing from build in librares is ok


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