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Clearance Rules Pad and Wire


Hi everybody,

I try to use different clearance rules on different layers.
Such as " (OnLayer('Layer 2') AND InNetClass('Logic'))  " and "(OnLayer('Layer 2') AND InNetClass('HV')) " : 3mm clearance.

so far it acually works all right for the wired nets, but not for the PADS and vias.
The pictue below shows Layer 2 and i am missing the 3mm around the pads and the via i placed in the middle of them!

Does anyone has an idea why it is like that?

Thx for your help


For multi-layer objects like pads and vias you cannot as I recall use
"(OnLayer('Layer 2') "
etc. because the object is not wholly on that layer.

Rather I recall there is a query option like
which may work for you.  I'm not in front of my Altium or references on the query so that's from memory but you get the idea.

 I'm pretty sure there's something like IsPad or IsVia too.

That was very helpful - I missed that Pads are multi-layer objects.
But now it works - thx for your help


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