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Copper fill goes beyond PCB edge


When making a copper fill, the copper goes beyond the edge:

It doesn't happen in any other project, and no rule seems to affect it.

What version of Altium, also have you tried re-pouring the copper fill? (keyboard shortcut T->G->A)

It may not be exactly the problem you have but I find the following the best arrangement.
- Place the board outline on the keep out layer.

This will mean that the copper pour will be set back from the edge of the board - which is a good idea in any case.
- Make sure you have 'remove isolated copper' (from memory) on the copper pour.


Add a design rule for it

1. Design -> Rules
2. Manufacturing -> BoardOutlineClearance
3. Right click -> New rule
4. Select the new rule and add a minimum spacing say 0.5mm, 1mm or whatever your requirement is.
5. Repour polygons (t -> g -> a)

This will also stop you drawing tracks too close to the edge as well.

As above, easiest way is to create a design rule. The other way is to create the polygon pour from the board outline.

Is your board outline complete? I can't see why it would create a polygon pour in such a way in the first place.


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