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Coupled microstrip and other transmission line types in Altium



I'm using Altium designer for a board where some traces need controlled impedance, for example Ethernet trace. I'm not very good with this but from what I can tell, differential ethernet traces should be routed as coupled microstrip lines which has reduced impedance when compared to a normal single ended trace. The problem is that Altium does not seem to take this into account?

Also, I can see no option for doing things like Co-Planar Wave Guides either. Am I missing something?

I don't think you aren't missing anything, Altium Designer is quite poor in that area.
It can do basic diff pair stuff (and don't marketing love to sell that as the be-all-end-all), but beyond that it's as dumb as a brick.
It won't take polygons into account as ground planes for example, and it certainly is not field solver based.


Yeah, I guess I'll just make manual rules for the traces in question instead.


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