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Hi everybody

I'd like some one to help me about what tools to use in ALTIUM designer in order to get a board in a panel, specifically, how do I put the routing slots? should I do this at the embedded board array or at the camtastic files? Thanks!  :)

You can do this a number of ways, it more comes down to asking your manufacturer what they'd prefer. Typically though you use either a mechanical layer or the keepout layer to place lines and/or arcs to define board outlines. If it's a curved line, manufacturers will usually route it without asking as there's not really any other option for them.

For panelisation, I usually prefer to do this in a separate pcbdoc and use the place->embedded board array command to place panel, and you can again place extra info on a mechanical layer to show where you would like snap points etc. I only ever use camtastic as a tool to check exported gerbers look right, I don't do any panelisation myself in it. This is just my personal preference though.

Just to reiterate though, no amount of documenting on mechanical layers can replace talking to the manufacturer to check they understand what you're asking for. You should also ask for how much clearance they want between two boards in a panel while you're at it.



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