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Greek alphabet in the schematic editor.

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   Hello friends.

  Colleagues are asking for help. Yes, Greek characters - \$\Omega\$. Actually many letters are needed.  :)
  I have read several discussions here. Unfortunately no solution has been found.

  The essence of the problem: after closing the document, all Greek characters turn into "?".
  Is it possible to use the Greek alphabet or is it fundamentally impossible?



This sounds like a code page issue. Try to install Greek letter support in the system? At first you should consult Altium, it's anyway a commercial product that should offer support.

There is also the distinction between Unicode Greek capital omega (Ω, U+03A9) and the Unicode electrical ohm symbol (Ω, U+2126). The latter is rarely used (AFAIK), but you could try if there is a difference.

Not all fonts support greek characters.

I have never seen the problem you are having though.

Side note, I always use alt+234 for Ω, alt+241 for ±, alt+230 for µ, and alt+0176 for °. Those are all the symbols I typically run into and therefore have memorized.

Works fine for me here using Arial font, and it looks fine even after closing and reopening Altium. I know from past experience with files shared between different computers that Altium will silently substitute fonts if it can't find them. Are you having a problem on the same machine where the strings were originally placed?

 Thank you all for your help.

 The problem is in the same computer. As far as I understood the characters disappear even without closing the program - just closing and opening the document does it.

 I passed the information on to my colleagues. They tried digital combinations - there is a mistake.

 The examples you provided look like this:
Alt + 03A9 or 2126 – N
Alt + 234 – е with some feature
Alt + 241 - ъ
Alt + 230 -ё
Alt + 0176 - °
 These are Cyrillic characters.

 In addition, the font SYMBOL was found. It contains exclusively Greek letters that do not disappear. But in one inscription it is impossible to combine Greek and other letters.

 Most likely the problem is in the settings of symbol tables, but so far no solution has been found.


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