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Has anyone found a solution to the moving Altium tool windows problem?

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Has anyone found a solution to the issue where altium tool windows jump around and are never on the window you want them on?

by Tool Window I mean the docked things like PCB inspector, projects, messages etc..

Some of these tool windows are used on PCB and on SCH but you can only have one of them docked to one window at a time. 

So if you have two Altium windows, one for your PCB and one for your SCH, you run into the problem that the tool window you want to use is docked to the other Altium window and have to drag it over so you can use it.

There is also the problem where you sometimes double click on something on one screen that causes a tool window to be shown, Altium then moves around all your tool windows to a new configuration and you end up losing track of where things are.

There must be a solution to this, but i'm probably do dumb to find it.

I use Altium 15 at home and the latest version 2x.x at work and they both have the same issue.

Heh, not I, and it's super annoying.  I don't think I've seen it rearrange existing panels when I open a new one though?  Or maybe I have and it's just lost in the noise of how generally annoying Altium is in how it handles those panels. 

If you want to vote it on bugcrunch, for all of the good that does...  https://bugcrunch.live.altium.com/#/bug/11779

(That's a two year old bug with 44 votes about an extremely obnoxious problem with no response from Altium, but a minor annoyance thing I submitted three months ago that got nine votes just got accepted for development  :-//)

I don't know what arrangement you're using, but it sounds like you should save your desktop layouts?

Panels are placed in whatever location they were used in last, which may be an entirely new side window/bar if it's not open/in use already.  This sounds like your issue.

Note that Inspector is not the same.  There is SCH Inspector and PCB Inspector, and similarly for List, Query, etc.  Compiler and Messages I think are common, along with the other system ones (Storage, etc.).  You need to adjust both versions to your preferred positions and sizes.

Then save to a desktop layout and link it on the menu for quick access.

It WILL forget the layout when you move around the main window, or change monitors or desktop size, etc.  I think they remember their monitor number, or absolute desktop position, something like that.

Then do it all over again say for a single-screen setup.  I'm fond of docking all the panels as one sidebar, pinned or collapsed as the case may be.  It's a little less efficient, but when I'm mobile, productivity isn't my number one priority.  So, something handy like that is good when you're working on a docked laptop, getting up sometimes for meetings/presentations.  With the two desktop configurations, I can swap between both just fine.

The one thing you can't save, is the position of dialogs.  These are used a bit less since AD18, but it depends if you prefer panels or dialogs for editing things.  Some people use panels as dialogs, for that matter (like the InspectorProperties panel replacing the double-click dialog)...


Not sure if same issue, but I find that when you open up a fresh copy of Altium (after say restarting your PC) the positions of your interface will reset when you move the windows around. To solve this I have to set the positions how I want them then exit Altium and start it up again

Exactly, window positions are saved on exit.

So if you're in the habit of leaving it open until it crashes, nothing is saved... |O



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