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Hatching on a routed line

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New to Altium, and I just finished laying out some diff-pair traces, and noticed that one of them had a subtle hatching effect over it, see attached. There's no violations listed on the trace (E_TX1_P and its pair) if I right-click on it, but it must mean something :) Anyone any idea ?

This is the only trace from 40 that has this hatching on it, and it's not quite the same as 'selected'...
Cheers :)

I think that's an indication that a rule is being stretched to accommodate another rule. That is, distance between tracks and matched length in this case. I recall having something similar when putting in a bend and the curve wasn't quite correct (since it's made of lots of straight lines, presumably). There was something in a version release note about it, I'm sure, but can't find it now.

OTOH, maybe I just dreamt that :)

Thanks :) I’ll go and see if I can find it in the release notes - actually, putting the screenshot here made it more obvious than it is on a 4k screen, especially when you zoom in on it, reading on an iPad :) So now I can tell it’s yellow cross-hatching, and maybe that’ll help find it.

In any event, it’s 1 from a whole bunch. Time to ‘git commit’ and redo that one to see if I can get it without the “special effects”!

Yes, that indicates that the pair is not properly coupled according to the applicable rules over the hatched length.  For whatever reason differential pair routing rule violations can't be configured to produce the same kind of error markers and details as other kinds of violations AFAIK.  They can be reported as part of a batch DRC, though, if you make sure to enable them in the "Rules To Check" section of the DRC options.  Sometimes the error markers, including the hatch markers like this, get stuck, so you might need to use Tools > Reset Error Markers, and then re-run DRC to confirm if there's actually a violation there.  The hatch indicators only seem to show up when you move one or the other of the tracks around, though, so clearing error markers and then nudging one of the tracks is another way to confirm what Altium thinks is going on. 

that hatching is a DRC error


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