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How do I run a digital logic simulation in AD6?



I'm new to Altium, and I'm using v6 of Designer.

I'm trying to run a digital logic simulation on the digital circuit that I've designed. Is this actually recommended or feasible in AD6? I've tried the built in simulation feature, but it seems more suited to analog simulation. Am I mistakened?

One problem that I've faced is with generating the digital stimulus to exercise my circuit. At first, I've was using individual VSRC to generate pulses. Needless to say, that is a very tedious and incredibly inefficient way to generate circult stimulus. Then, I found that it was possible to define a schematic component linked to a Simcode model, within which I will define my stimulus as-if I was writing VHDL.

But I couldn't get some keywords like CHANGE_TIME and CHANGED_LH to work correctly.  Finding the Simcode documentation to be lacking,  I tried searching through the Altium supplied Simcode models but did not find these keywords being used.

So, is there a better way for me to run my simulation?



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