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How to edit the defaut PCB grid presets

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Hi there. I have an old AD17. Usually, I use "G" on the keyboard to get this menu. Unfortunately, some of the grids used by me are not here and I don't need some of the stocked. How can I edit/modify this set of grids with my own?


Just press G twice and type in your desired grid.

CTRL+click on the offending menu item.  You can edit the command and title (and shortcut: '&' underlines the following character) in the dialog.

(Not sure if this has changed since AD18 or 20, but customizable menus have always been a thing in any case.)


Thank you T3sl4co1l!
Yes, that's what I wanted!

Just one more question - how can I delete the unused presets? I've been using the metric grids only and the imperial are messing me.


DXP menu (user button now I think?), or right-click toolbar/menu area, Customize.  Look for "Snap Grid".  Have fun. :)

It's a not well known/understood/appreciated/used feature, I think?  Granted, there's more than enough functionality in AD just to get used to in the first place, remembering all the default menus as they are, let alone the shortcuts, let alone customizing your own.  There are just a handful of changes I've made, to this day.  Potentially very powerful feature... or dangerous too, hehe. :-+



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