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How to get smooth edges in Altium Ground Pours


Arsh ahmad:
I want to smooth out the attached marked areas of polygon ground pours in Altium Designer. In software like Allegro there is an option called smooth pours that removes all the sharp corners in pours.

I don't see any such option in altium deisgner, please help me in finding a easier way.

I avoid square pads for this reason.

If nothing else, you can blanket set all square pads to rounded and set the corner radius small like 1%, but it'll look better with more like 20%.


In the properties of the polygon pour, you set up Arc approximation to a smaller value.
I also suggest changing the "Remove necks" to maybe 0.4-0.5mm then it doesn't pour below small SMD components.

Decrease arc approximation of the polygon.

Even better... make the polygon pour hatched with 0.2mm track width and 0mm grid size. Decrease the "Min prim Lenth to 0.01mm. "Surround pads with" set to Arcs.


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