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Has anyone worked with IMS PCBs in Altium? I just tried to set my core to anything else than FR4 in the layer stack manager, but I would only find FR4. is it just me not finding it or do I have to import something to have the stackup possible? Has anyone used/downloaded  design rules?

I am sorry but what is IMS ?


--- Quote from: maxpayne on September 12, 2023, 04:14:40 am ---I am sorry but what is IMS ?

--- End quote ---
Isolated Metal Substrate. It's a common name for Aluminium or Copper core PCBs.

What is the reason you need the PCB tool to be aware of the substrate type - controlled impedance etc.?

It's a good question. Not impedance.
Design rules for one. By the looks of it, I cannot even make a PCB single sided. So if I place a plated hole...
The second part is the documentation. I regularly use Draftsman to generate doc. for regulatory purposes. That includes stackup.

I know I can just design a board with only drawing on top layer, and create my stackup in MS Word, but I expert this to just work for the money I'm paying. For sure I'm not the first one who wants to design an Aluminium PCB in this software. By the looks of it, there is only FR4, so not even CEM or Phenolic PCBs.

Or I just don't know where to click.


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