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Hey All,

I'm new to Altium so bear with me.  I am trying to add a SMD footprint to the existing zener diode component in the "miscellaneous Devices" integrated library.  When I add the footprint to the existing schematic symbol for the zener diode and try to recompile, I get an error stating "Could not create integrated library".  I went through the tutorials following the steps to properly link the files, and I am not having any luck.  When I try updating the PCB from the schematic, I get an error for the diode saying that the footprint cannot be found (assuming this is related to the integrated library not compiling).  I tried going through the footprint manager to validate the new footprint for the existing zener diode symbol, and it does not come up with any errors.  Any ideas on where I am going wrong?  I am using AD 10.



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