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Does anyone know if there is an alternative to the https://github.com/openscopeproject/InteractiveHtmlBom project ?

I've written my own parser that uses the PDF, CSV and xls output from altium that lets me have an overview from altium.
Seeing this project, it directly reads the gerbers and generates everything needed.
I could adjust the InteractiveHtmlBom project to make it compatible with the output from altium, but i want to spare myself the effort.

Does anyone know of an alternative ?

That's neat  :)

That project says it uses python bindings in KiCAD to obtain the required information, so adjusting it to work with Alitum would...not be trivial.  You could use gerbers plus PNP file to do this, which would be nicely independent of the EDA tool used, but that won't give you the component outline to know how big of an area in the PCB view to highlight.  You could at least show a little dot on the component, I guess.

Yeah that is what i was afraid of.

I created my python script based on a project i found for the unisolder project.
This is the 2nd version: https://5n44p.github.io/unisolder-chips/

In my script i just use a dot based on my PnP information. This is sufficient for my purposes.
What i do find useful is the pan and zoom function of the interactive HTML project.
And having something that generates a preview based on gerbers is very neat. But, 3d information of the components placed is very handy.
This i do not have when parsing the gerbers.
A tight coupling with the PCB design software like this project does with kicad is the only way to get everything.

Hi, I wrote the InteractiveHtmlBom.
As already noted above it doesn't read gerbers, it's using python api to get information from kicad directly. Since altium format is not open I can't write a parser for it.
That said someone is already working on altium->kicad converter (https://forum.kicad.info/t/work-in-progress-native-altium-importer/20712) so soon you will be able to import your altium project to kicad and then use ibom.

Thanks for the info!

For my own stock management system:
I currently wrote a simple parser using the XLSX BOM file, the .txt pick and place info and a 2 page PDF of front and back.
Stripping the images out of the PDF as PNG and trimming them with command line tools.

Then have some bootstrap code to place the dots for the metadata of each component overhead.
Only thing remaining is to select all the same components for ease of manual placement.
If someone needs help making their own, just PM me.


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