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Is AD Live Down?

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Hi, I am one of the users who chose not to renew my subscription this year. All of sudden I can't access AD live. My login also doesn't work in the software. If I can't access the AD Live site, I can live with it, but my user account should still work with accessing my Seat license. Anyone else having this issue?

well, i do have subscription and can't login too, so probably some server issues.

ok, thanks for the info. :)

I can log in no problem.
Your account should still be active as a "license holder" account I believe.
So probably just something dumb with their customer AD server stuff again, it happens.


Which is partly why I haven't renewed. If they can't keep their servers running its hard to justify the cost for all the cloud vault services theyre selling. I hope they get it together. I do really like the software.


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