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Is the Altium Designer yearly subscription fee ever negotiable?

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I'm nearly due and received a quote for $2000.

I'm a sole proprietor and am wondering if there is ever a discount like I got when Purchasing AD with the competitive product price I got last year.

Not sure offhand, you can certainly ask.

Do you need the subscription service? If you aren't using the vault (as in absolutely newest content, anyway) or 365 thing, it might not be much value to you. Or there's the monthly mode too.


IME it can be negotiated. Helps if you're trying around the time the salespeople need to show a result, but I think it's still possible at other times. Also probably depends on your contact.

We didn't renew this year and we were offered 3 different prices, each time lower, but management said nope still, so they will in my experience drop the price if you say it is too expensive.

I got it for $500 a couple of years ago. Just told the altium rep it wasn't worth $2k to us, rep asked what it would be worth and that was my answer at the time.

We're not renewing again at any price though. After not doing much in altium for a while I spent my last couple weeks using 21.7.1 and on top of the normal bullshit it just completely died several times while not doing anything particularly challenging. Just a bunch of those "please wait" windows popping up in a row, then it would freeze entirely before just disappearing. Draftsman is still a giant half-baked turd, interactive routing is still fucky, some shortcut keys (like single layer mode toggle) have randomly stopped working multiple times until I reload my saved preferences, the list of bullshit goes on and on. I'm not spending any more money on software that isn't actually getting any better in the ways that are important to me.


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