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is there a way to add a parameter to all components in altium?


I have inherited an altium design that has ~130 parts on the BOM. I do not have the library that any of the parts came from, so the only parameters that show up in the panel are the ones that the original designer put in their library. None of these parts have any max temperature data, which I would like to add as a column on the BOM.

I could go through each part individually and add the parameter locally, then regenerate the BOM. To save time, I would like to be able to select all the components in the design and add a "Max operating temp" parameter to all of them, then I can go through each one and quickly input what the number is for each part.

I cant seem to figure out how to add a parameter to all components, I'm only able to do it on each part individually.

Is what I am describing possible??

Yea there is - buts it's kinda screwed up using the Tools > Parameter Manager.   See the vid here:

Description from that vid: 

It's a bit convoluted - you can use the Tools - Parameter Manager and select Parts; there it will allow you to Add a Column for a user parameter.  You can then add a placeholder in one of the fields. but it will not allow you to copy it to the new field of other parts. So to get around that go ahead and let it execute an update to just one part.  THEN - do the Tools - Parameter Manager AGAIN.  This time it will allow you to copy the placeholder value to ALL parts.   All ow this to execute.  You can then go back in and update each part with the new parameter.   This is silly... it should allow that in the first place.

Note - another user showed me the "Add to All Objects"  check box.  This gets around the "having to do it twice" thing.  He mentioned you can also just select all the fields in the the column you just added and then do the Right Click > Add.  It will then add it to all the fields in the new column.

just create a project library. it will generate a library from the parts in the schematic. you can then edit at will

Use the Parameter Manager. As mentioned above, be sure to turn on the Add to All button.


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