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Layer appears negative when gerbers are generated


I converted a design from PADS to Altium and generated the gerbers from the (modified) Altium design. 
I imported the PADS gerbers and Altium gerbers into CAMtastic files for comparison. 

It looks like one of the internal layers is now a negative:
(old PADS vs new Altium)

I've never seen this before, is it a problem with settings or will the PCB fabricator know it is negative?  (Yes, I did ask them, but no response to the question, just a quote). 


Edited to add: This is the only layer that shows up as a "plane".  Normally I would just use a poly pour but this is the way it imported.   

That's just how Altium exports plane layers.  Your only options AFAIK, are to leave the gerber negative and let your fabricator know, or to replace the plane layer with a signal layer and place a polygon.  Since plane layers are pretty straightforward, it should be fairly low risk to do the latter, as long as there aren't any complicated clearance/connection rules or voided areas. 


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