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Missing Libraries, I think


Been doing the rounds for a while now, and I love this site. I did a number of designs in KiCAD, and It's been stimulating. 

I recently installed Altium, but I cannot find standard components like resistors and capacitors. When I compare my libraries to the ones that come preinstalled, I find I am missing three: Generic Components, Generic PSpice Components, and Miscellaneous. If anyone could send me those files, or link to a dropbox, I'd be thankful. The computer I have to run Altium on is at work, and has no internet for security reasons. Thanks!

grab mine


syntax is very easy : package - type of component - value

0805R-1k  : 0805 resistor 1 kiloohm
0603c-100nF-50V-X7R-MUR......    0603 capacitor 100nF 50 volts x7r dielectric murata.

( for capacitor i specify this info as it is important... )

That's quite extensively detailed, with 983 components :0. If that's your personal one, then you've spent some time on it. I could still use the original missing libraries just for the sake of completeness, but you've got nearly everything I can think of covered. I don't see many specific transistors or opamps, but that's what the part editor is for.

Thanks a bunch!

and there's also thousands of parts in the altiums libraries which you can download here:

Theres also a bunch of component on my site www.pcbcomponentlibraries.com. I try to add parts regularly, if you need any specific ones let me know an I'll make them up. Altium only at the moment though.



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