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Moving components in schematics editor using keyboard arrows


In the older version of Altium (14.x.x) I was able to: select one or more components, click and hold left mouse button, then press arrow keys to move selected components. Using keyboard was convenient as it keeps the components in the same vertical or horizontal position. I now have newer version of Altium (18.x.x) where the keyboard arrows do not seem to work in this way, basically when I hold the mouse button down, the keys do not move components.
Any ideas or suggestions? Maybe some super-secret setting?

It works fine for me.  When I follow your instructions in Altium 22.11.1 the selected schematic elements move around one grid per press of the arrow keys.  I also still have Altium 18.1.11 installed, so I checked there and schematic stuff also moves with the arrow keys like you describe.

As an alternative, you can hold down the Alt key while you drag to keep things constrained to horizontal/vertical.

@Fgrir, thanks for your feedback - it must be something with my setup. I will try to reset all settings and try again.

This fixed it, and now my keyboard works as expected: Tools > Preferences > System > View > Desktop > Reset

Another way to move selections with the arrow keys - in al the editors - is to do a Move > Selection and click somewhere, then you can use arrow keys to move by the grid setting. 


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