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Multipin mapping for not connected/used pads


In Altium, I'm looking to utilize multipad mapping for footprints with numerous unused pads. However, in the PCB editor, these pads are displayed as part of the same net, which I assume was the original intention of the function. Is there a method to configure the Unrouted Net rule to disregard all these pads, or configure Altium to avoid generating a net for such pads?

The most effective approach I've found is simply creating a rule like "InNet('NetU6_1,5,8')." However, for PCBs with hundreds of components, this isn't really feasible. I've also attempted to associate such pins with a parameter or class, but I've never quite managed to get it working.

Any ideas?? :)

By multi-pin mapping you are saying these pins are connected together in the IC, which is not the case.

You can just have them as individual pins and hide the pins if you don't want to connect them to anything.
Or hide the pins as above, and then write out the NC pin list so its clear from the schematic they don't connect.


Thanks for the response.

Before I've always utilized individual pins for all unconnected pins, which works as intended. What I'm truly asking is if there's a method to alter Altium's behavior so that I can employ the multi-pin mapping in this manner, irrespective of the function's original intention?

As above, no.

remove those pins from the symbol. done. and do not use multi-pin mapping. it is problematic if you are going to use odb++. multi-pin mapping is the work of the devil


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