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Net colors not overriding

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Is this just my problem or has it popped up for everyone?

I set a net color and that works fine. Do a few more (typically power nets), seems to be fine. Hit F5, nothing. Try via the view menu - enabling and disabling net color override has no effect. Open a different schematic page and that shows, or doesn't show, the net colors according to the setting, but once it's open no amount of toggling the setting changes things. To see any change, I have to close the document and then open it again.

I am pretty sure it used to work dynamically as intended, but closing and restarting Altium doesn't fix it.

Altium 21? If so there seems to be a bug with setting/displaying net colours

Thanks. Yes, it's the latest 21. Didn't see anything on bugcrunch, but maybe if it's a new problem everyone is waiting for someone else to kick up a fuss :)

Working just fine over here. Altium 21.6.1.

Ah, I think I haven't spelt out the problem clearly. Some screenies:

First, Override enabled. You can see the coloured wires and the tickbox for enabling is ticked.

Press F5 and the tickbox is now unticked, but the wires remain coloured.

Close and reopen the document and the wires are now uncoloured, as they should be. The problem is that changing the setting does nothing, but closing a reopening the document shows the change. Thus it seems that the setting is only applied when the document is opened.


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