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David Spicer:
Yes, I have done that, but it's not the point. I am showing how little interest they have in one off purchases.
If I sound down on them, it's because I am!

Yeah, I've got a "cracked" Altium but really haven't give it much use as what's the point spending all that effort learning it without knowing what its going to cost me without all the shiny suited sleazeball salesmen telling me how great its going to be? They could give a trial version with some help files and leave me to it instead.

I was looking forward to CircuitMaker but the cloud thing was kind of shitty, though could be sorta good in shared designs. Then again, whats wrong with Git?

Now most EE's will know all the shortcuts and how to create components etc automatically. But when I tried it I couldn't even find a simple way of just rotating a component on the schematic? Right click nothing there. I found it more frustrating than old KiCad. I then learned that all the essential keyboard shortcuts had been deliberately left out - no doubt by marketing MBA wankers. I couldn't find any obvious way to create components on the fly either.

I've no idea what it's up to these days.

I tried the old KiCad and utterly hated it. I quite liked the RS DesignSpark but nobody uses it, I then tried the new KiCad and I kind of like it, I think only because I persisted with the old rubbish and so it's a breath of fresh air now... and I know some of its keyboard shortcuts and shift-? is always there... 

What is the "official" EEVBlog freebie CAD package? I know despite Altium insisting Dave DOES NOT ENDORSE ALTIUM IN ANY WAY!! (fucking idiots!!) that Dave still gave them a real fucking chance. But his partner in crime, Chris at the AmpHour is pushing for KiCad.

Is there a schism between Dave & Chris or an official EEVBlog CAD of choice?  ;)


--- Quote from: EEVblog on December 06, 2011, 10:12:02 pm ---
--- Quote from: olsenn on December 06, 2011, 03:16:34 pm ---What crawled up Altium's ass and died anyways? Were they a bad company to work for Dave?

--- End quote ---

No, they were in fact an excellent company to work for. They just made incredibly stupid decisions on the direction of the company and it's focus.


--- End quote ---
What are the decisions and direction? I wonder.  ???


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