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One altium prj, multiple board how?

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I have one project file,say, myproj.pcbprj. in that i have 2 schematics sheets a.sch and b.sch. i added pcb files to the project, a.pcb and b.pcb. what i need is a.pcb to populate ONLY from a.sch on a board. And b.pcb to populate b.sch ONLY on another independent board, how? What normally happened when i 'insert from sch' in a.pcb editor, it will add components from both a.sch and b.sch into a board (combined from a and b), i dont want this, there is no option to do this. I dont think altium this limited i maybe dont know the term/option to find. how?

I know what you mean Mechatrommer, I don't about Altium but I have seen this done with Cadance Orcad, and there were maybe 5 or 6 pcbs on one panel. Each PCB had different ground and vcc names on the schematic, say, gnda and vcca for a.sch and gndb and vccb for b.sch. By using different names then the gnd and vcc nets for each schematic are not connected and all the components from a.sch and b.sch will end up on the board but they will be separate. The only drawback is that it then becomes very difficult to generate 3D models of each PCB, you get a 3D model for the whole panel. Generally speaking if I need a production panel with more than one board on it I design each one separately and let the PCB manufacturers do the panel layout from indervidual Gerbers.

Place a "Compile Mask" (Place/Directives/Compile Mask) to both schematics and allow only that which PCB you wanna update.


--- Quote ---Place a "Compile Mask" (Place/Directives/Compile Mask) to both schematics and allow only that which PCB you wanna update.

--- End quote ---
Thats a handy tip, must see if Orcad has a feature like this.

Why do you want one project?  You clearly have two.  One project, one board.

That said, the compile mask sounds interesting. I'll have a look at that as well...



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