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Orcad X looks a lot like Altium

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Layer tabs across the bottom for one.  If they'd only get rid of the padstacks and they way they handle libraries...

in the Increases Productivity vid they mention placing polys is as easy as Powerpoint - and it acts like altium. 

Not sure if I'm insulted by that....

This is cloud-based shit?

"Cadence OrCAD X Professional and Cadence OrCAD X Standard. Cadence OrCAD X products available for yearly single-user license (SUL) purchase. Free trial with Cadence OrCAD X Professional does not require a purchase or payment information for free trial sign up."

"Cadence OnCloud Tokens A Cadence Token is a representative of computational usage giving you access to the tools you desire without the need for long-term contracts or bulky investment in equipment set-up."  Cadence OnCloud FAQs

1. OnCloud Free trial is for 8 hours or 30 days, whichever comes first. Payment required when you sign up for an OnCloud free trial. At the end of your free trial period, your trial subscription is automatically converted to a paid subscription. You won’t be billed until the end of the trial period.

2. OnCloud Subscriptions renew every 30 days or 200 hours (90 hours for Microwave Expert role) with early renewal based on consumption. Plan will auto-renew at current rates. Read full Subscription details

3. Cadence OrCAD X Professional free trial lasts for 15 days from time of purchase. No payment information required for free trial sign-up.

4. Billed per year. Plan will auto-renew at current rates.

5. Cadence University Program academic access is available in limited locations.

Cadence OrCAD X Standard $1,280.00/yr
Cadence OrCAD X Professional $1,680.00/yr

"Payment required when you sign up for an OnCloud free trial". Ok. Got it.

Why is this in the Altium section? To annoy Dave because there still is no Orcad / Cadence section?  >:D
BTW, under the hood it is still Allegro with a slightly modernised UI but from the bat I don't spot any new functionality. Which is great because Allegro is about 10 times faster to use compared to Altium and I hope Cadence keeps it that way.

Padstacks slow me down.  I don't see how that's faster than Altium.  Also, to me Cadence is a chip design tool company.  PCB's are kind of an afterthought.   In fact, I was told that by the regional manager of Altium (who jumped ship to Cadence) - he told me he couldn't compete with free.  I did some work for this guy when he was at PADs back in the late 1980s.   I was surprised as hell when he showed up as the Altium regional in 2015.   I talked to him many times when he was there.    He was so frustrated at not getting into the larger corps because they make chips and get the PCB tools for free...  Google is a great example - I used to see them on the official Altium forum (usually bitching about something ) then they disappeared - right around the time they started doing TPU IC's. Now all the ref designs that come out of Google are in Cadence.   I no longer see activity from their employees on official Altium forum. 


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