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I've been lurking a while and of course watching the Dave his YT channel but now need some help with a little problem.

I have a Pads design in a .pcb format which is not able to be imported to Altium with the wizard. Altium only supports the Pads ASCII format, but I don't have Pads to save the file it in ASCII. Anyone has suggestion on how to do this import?


--- Quote from: sparqq on November 02, 2017, 09:50:41 am ---Anyone has suggestion on how to do this import?

--- End quote ---

If you are willing to send the file to someone with PADS, perhaps they will kindly convert it to PADS ASCII format for you.

There are lots of import & export filters in DipTrace .......... but I too can only import PADS ASCII files.

I've no problem with sending the file over, it's not rocket science. Just need to be saved in ASCII format.

If it is Pads 9.5 or older I can do it. If it is small attach it in a post here as a zip. If big upload it to tinyupload dot c o m and post the link here.

Better that the two of you communicate via EEVBlog personal message rather than put the file up for everyone to see.

You can swap email addresses / links via personal message.

Just let us know if you have success.


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