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Work just updated to Altium Designer 2010 and I am just having a bit of trouble figuring out the Panelization.

I have successfully created the Panel of 10 PCB's, however the file is only 68kb. I just submitted it to PCBCart.com to check the panel, however they emailed back saying only the outline was included. I move the file to a new directory and opened it, and just like they said - it was just an outline.

It seems the Panel does not actually hold any information about the individual boards, and it still refers to the original files.

So my question is, is it possible to make the Panel contain the information? PCBCart supports submitting the files as Altium Designer files, rather than just Gerbers etc. It would be nice if Ididnt have to generate the Gerbers, but it may be required...

Is it possible to integrate the information into the Panel, so I can just submit the one file to them or not?


You should definenatly be able to output all the layers from the panel board prj. When you generate your gerbers do you use the output job file or an export? Both should work, but you might want to try the out job file. There you can specify a lot of output options including PDFs. When you setup the gerber output you can choose to open the files in camtastic after for verification. There you will see if all your layers have been included. You can also create a camtastic file in your project and import the gerbers you created to see if you did in fact create all your layers from your original export.

It's generally good practice to examine your mechanicals before you submit them, and camtastic is a bulletin gerber viewer in AD.

WanaGo, also, you may have forgotten to select the other layers you need to plot. This is done in the Layers Tab in the Gerber Setup Dialog box. It's access via File\Fabrication Outputs\Gerbers or through the editor in the outjob file.


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