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(Solved) Paste layer on a flex/rigid design


I am desiging a flex/rigid board with components on both the flexible and rigid sections. All is ok on the rigid section, but the solder paste layer is missing for all components on the flexible section.

I presume this is because the components placed here are neither on the 'top' nor 'bottom', but instead on an inner layer, even though this inner layer is acrually on the outside (if you see what I mean!). The image below I hope shows what I mean.

Any ideas how I can convince Altium to generate a solder paste output for components on the internal layer?

What do your layer stack settings look like in Altium?


Thanks - as far as I can see, the stackup was set up correctly (though Altium doesn't seem to include the paste layers in the stackup file).

I've just moved to AD23 and it magically appears to be working! Whereas before the paste stencil openings weren't shown at all for components on the flexible section, they now are and are plotted in a seperate Gerber output file (.GBP1). Minor annoyance, but at least I can now send something to the manufacturers!

Thanks for your help!


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