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Title: PCB: Make these nets RED: *DDR3*
Post by: frogblender on August 27, 2021, 09:10:26 pm
I have a PCB with thousands of nets.   Hundreds of these have "ddr3" embedded somewhere in the netname.
How do I assign a color to all nets with "ddr3" somewhere in the name?  (PCB only - I need a solution where I don't touch the schematic)

Altium's typically-useless solutions pages suggest I manually scroll through thousands of nets in the PCB Panel, and manually click on the hundreds I need.  Anyone have a better solution?

Title: Re: PCB: Make these nets RED: *DDR3*
Post by: ajb on August 29, 2021, 12:36:20 am
Go into the object class explorer, create a new net class, enter "*ddr3* in the 'Non-member' filter box, add all of the results to the new class, then select that class to in the PCB panel, select all, and assign the override color to all of them at once?

If you pull updates from sch that will wipe out your net class (IIRC), but the override color setting should remain on all of the nets.  You can also just delete the class yourself afterward if you don't need it anymore, but seems like it might still be useful?

Sure would be nice if it were possible to use a regular PCB filter to affect what shows up in the PCB Panel though.