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PCB trace 4G LTE Antenna


Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a library in Altium format for premade 4G LTE PCB Trace antenna?


this antenna needs to be specially designed according with the pcb material. antennas are affected by the pcb dielectric, surrounding objects and cavities and outer box even it is plastic.

This type of ready-made antennas are used in low power transmitters such as wifi, bluetooth and ism. but this is not a good idea in a transmitter that generates around 2w power such as 4.5g-gsm

At the same time, 4.5 is not on a single frequency like wifi/BT/ISM. it contains many different bands, so it may not be easy to design, test and realise such an antenna.

4G goes from 450Mhz and goes to 3.8GHz or so, and depending on which bands you support, should provide good return loss at 30+ different frequencies. I find it difficult alone to find the best matching circuit an off the shelf antenna for such a large frequency range, and outsource it. It's incredibly difficult to design an antenna like that.


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